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What makes this workout so effective?

We maximize fat burning by combining strength training with cardio. You burn mega calories for up to 48 hours after finishing your routine — even at rest. The unique resistance bands strengthen your entire body. They work on trouble zones that no gym machine will target, and help you create a strong,lean and defined body.

 Who is this workout for?

The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp is for all levels. Your ultimate goal is to complete the entire workout without taking any breaks. Perform this hour-long routine 3x a week and notice how quickly your strength, endurance, and muscle tone improve.

What will 5 sessions do?

  • Lift your butt
  • Define your arms
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Firm and strengthen your legs
  • Burn at least 800 calories per workout

Set Includes:

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Workout DVD. Shot in HD. Runtime: 55 minutes.
  2. Set of long and short red resistance bands.
  3. Exercise handout with 27 exercises.