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Myrna Lopez

Butt-Kicking "Miss Guns"


Myrna is a certified Personal Trainer with a unique back story in that she has undergone a radical physical transformation. She lost upwards of 65 pounds, as well as completely redefined her lifestyle—going from sedentary to drill sergeant, in just over a year.

After watching the scale creep past 200 pounds, Myrns decided to give her diet and exercise regime a complete overhaul. She joined Slim and Strong (as a participant), where, as the weeks went by, she started noticing that not only was she getting stronger, leaner, and more fit, but that she was actually good at this exercise thing. In a classic Karate Kid, student-becomes-teacher type plot twist, Myrna's hard work, perseverance, and positive outlook led her to eventually become an instructor at BBBC and as of recently the manager at Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. Keeping with this pattern of reinvention, Myrns recently left corporate HR to make a career out of elevating HRs! Life as a full-time trainer has been a good one (have you seen the guns on this woman?), but the best part of the job for Myrna is fulfilling her passion of helping others change and improve their lives through fitness

Seeking inspiration, along with a good-for-you beat down? Catch Myrna (if you can) on the Brooklyn Bridge.