Holly Shalfi

Instructor, Fire-starter, -All Heart


The newest member of the Brooklyn BodyFIT team, Holly Shalfi holds multiple certifications in Exercise and Health Coaching. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Holly realizes what assets exercising and eating smart have been to her life and feels compelled to teach and coach others on their healthful journey.... In 2012, due to chronic illness, Holly gained about 30lbs and had a cocktail of other health issues to contend with. Feeling ill, lost and overwhelmed, with little to no help from traditional medicine she began her quest. She tirelessly researched, studied, tried and sought out the help of non-traditional doctors & health practitioners.. Thus began the creation of her personal coaching system. With serious lifestyle changes, functional exercise & stress management protocols came her healing and transformation.  She not only lost the weight she set out to lose, but reset her bodies hormonal processes. 

Holly understands the immense importance and necessity of having a support network when your life feels so chaotic. She has "been there", "tried that" and is a wealth of knowledge because of it! She is dedicated to supporting others, whatever their health and fitness journey may be.