What can I expect for 1st class?

Every trainer has an extensive fitness background and is an expert in #BeingmoreHuman. Arrive at least 10mins early and allow us the opportunity to get to know you, discuss injuries or just simply see how that last bumble date went! With each group fitness class you can expect

  • a dynamic warmup: preparing your body for the most active part of your day while allowing our trainer to see how you move
  • knowledge, corrections, guidance: from cues that make sense to finally understanding why and how to engage those glutes!
  • a yoga style cool down: after activity your muscles are actually looking for information on what length to recovery back to .. recover long and lean with a targeted Yoga style cool-down in every workout -and because we know you don't stretch on your own #citylife

every class will leave you motivated, educated and challenged like never before.

Join a fun, fearless group that share similar goals. Redefine yourself, both physically and mentally.

What do I need for class?

Workout gloves are recommended for our outdoor classes. Water would be wise for all classes (:

What is the fitness level of our classes?

Putting the 'Personal' touch back in Group Fitness. All of our staff are dynamic dynamo's! We pride ourselves in looking at how you move as an individual, -from the moment you walk through the door to your last push-up. Modifications and progressions are always available and there is no ego. Just be sure to let us know of any injuries or medical conditions.

How quickly will I see a difference in my body..?

While consistency is key and everyone is unique you can expect to see a physical difference in about 6 strategic classes. The mental results... rumor has it you feel those the moment you complete that squat. #SweatADayKeepsTheDrAway

Exercise is an incubator for Nutrition and Nutrition an incubator for Exercise, it's symbiotic! For best results, try to commit to eating a fat-burning style diet. For more tips on turning your body into a lean & clean fat burning machine, check out or Programs & Nutrition Coaching .

Are there showers and locker rooms?

Our indoor locations offer showers and locker room(s). Our outdoor locations offer the opportunity to glisten with pride. #IDontSweatiSparkle

Where do I store my bag?

Wait, there's not an app for that? Locker rooms are offered at select indoor locations (see schedule) but bag storage in not offered foroutdoor classes. A small backpack/shoulder bag is recommended for your essentials: keys, phone, dollar bills...for extra water. Instructors also carry a backpack for small belongings.

Why are Brooklyn Body Fit classes so effective?

Science!  ..and You, of course. Each class is based on the science of the body, it's energy systems and how you adapt. Whether it's is a high intensity-interval-training class(HiiT), Balance & Strength program or our signature BBF Boot Camp our workouts are carefully thought out and our trainers are multi-dynamic.  Put simply science + BBF Trainers + your hard work = Maximum results.  #NoSweatWasted

The right workout-science can activate specific muscles and hormones that promote fat loss, lean muscle and improved energy. In other word, you work your body with us today and continue to reap the benefits for the next 24-48hrs. #EPOC

Should I eat before class?

The short answer... maybe

  • if you're the avg person and you ate 4 or more hours ago = Yes. Have something light, your body recognizes and will make fuel instantly. Then make sure to eat no more than 15-20 minutes after as your body will be looking for fuel and will look to feast on inner protein, aka your muscle! (this is how we loose our shape)
  • if you're on the athletic or leaner side = Yes! 
  • if you just ate 1-3hrs ago =  You should be good to go but you can always bring a piece of fruit with you just in case #AvoidTheBonk. 

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