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The body has (3) metabolic energy systems. Each metabolic system is responsible for making energy from specific types of food & fuel. Much like our muscles if we don't train these systems they weaken. 

  • 1: Aerobic energy system (post 2mins) Designed to burn a combination of FATS and CARBOHYDRATES. Very important to cardiac health, endurance & fat burning.

  • 2: Anaerobic energy system (under 2mins) Designed to burn stored CARBOHYDRATES in the muscles, liver or bloodstream. Very important for energy production when "going hard" and utilizing the food we eat.

  • 3: Phosphogen energy system (3-30secs , 5-20mins) Your body uses CREATINE to aid in this internal energy process. Every feel like your lacking that growl or ability to surge during your workout class or race? Optimizing this energy system helps your body to not only perform but keeps the other (2) systems working efficiently.

Each class at Brooklyn BodyFIT focuses on one or more of these systems and is categorized with a corresponding number. The result.. -A supercharged metabolism.  An awesome body!   #ScienceSweatBurn

Foundations of Strength (metabolic systems 1&2)

Core, Balance  Strength. This class is based on the latest scientific research on Muscle-Recruitment & Core Strength. Did you know a properly braced body can exponentially enhance your strength, lifestyle & even calorie burn for All of your workouts? We use unique set of unstable tools including the Kamagon Ball™, Closed Loop Bands, Balance, and more, to develop the most effective and challenging workout available.  Live in 360° Train in 360°. Experience what it means to get #FoundationallyFit.  Sweat through a targeted and scientific routine. From beginner to advanced, you'll never quite see your workouts in the same light again!


HIIT to FIT (metabolic systems 2&3)

Bring a towel -You're going to need it! Focusing on interval based cardio drills, this class uses scientifically proven methods of High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT). A no nonsense scientific approach to maximize endurance & fat loss. You will be informed and guided on what zone to strive for getting results with every workout. No gimmicks — just hard work and exercises that take you there.  Short, Sweet, Effective. A functional warm-up and cool-down are always included, so your body just doesn't look great, but moves like the tiger you are. Tag us with  #HiiT2Fit    #HiiTNerds


BrunchBurn (metabolic systems 1&3)

  • 20 minutes of Foundational Strength to build the body.
  • 20 minutes of Scientific HiiT to test your limits.
  • 20 minutes of Intelligent Cool-down to reset the mind.

The hour afterwards? You spend refueling the body and mind with your friends.


BBF Outdoor Experience(all energy systems)

Experience Our Signature Class—a full body, High-Intensity, Interval, Strength & Endurance workout designed to train ALL (3) of your energy systems. We'll  make use of The Great Outdoors, park structures, our body weight, resistance bands and other creative tools. Change your metabolism in only 6 workouts. The reward? You leave feeling as powerful as the workout. 


#HARD (metabolic systems 3&2)

Get ready NYC!  Hashtag HARD is here. Our most challenging indoor class yet!  Burn MASSIVE calories throughout the day! To make effective use of all types of fuel (aka food) ALL 3 of your body's energy systems must be trained.  This intense class will combine top notch metabolic programming with all the fun toys. Get to know Kettle-bells, Kamagon, Med-ball, Stairs Flights, Battle-ropes, Free-weights and become the most epic version of yourself.  A dynamic warm-up and strategic cool-down are always included. 

 Think you've got what it takes? 

Show the world what your capable of and tag your pics with  #Hard     #MaxEnergyMaxResults


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