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New York City's toughest workout.

Can you handle it? Take your physical health and fitness to new levels! Train in all directions using the environment, Strength, Endurance, Plyometric, HiiT and SAQ modalities.  Join our 60-75minute classes @ McCarren Park & The Brooklyn Bridge. Start anytime and take classes as often as you want.  #BeastMode


See results in as little as 6 classes.

Brooklyn Body Fit's premier outdoor experience incorporate a fast paced and exciting curriculum. Each class will make use of our own body weight, the environmental structures, benches, battle ropes, primal movement, kamagon balls, resistance bands, and other tools. Join a fun, fearless group that share similar goals, while basking in the panoramic view of New York City. We'll also strategically train ALL of your body's energy systems, the result... RESULTS!  Bring about amazing change in your body with just a few classes.  Redefine yourself both physically and mentally at Brooklyn Body Fit.     #NoRegrets 



No $37.00 fitness classes - Only local, community building prices prices ova here.


Drop-in Class

$20 — Single Class  

First Timers: Bring a friend for a bonus workout                                                              See details at checkout


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Special Grand Opening Rates

$18/per class — 8 sessions

$14/per class — Unlimited Month    



Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Start



McCarren Park
Meet @ Union & Roebling (by track)



Long Island City(coming soon)
Gantry Park