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What comes with the program?

30 Day Body Blueprint ($399—without nutrition)

  • A customized, science backed, 30 day plan e-mailed or synced right to your online calendar; spelling out your workouts, rest days, and recovery activities
  • One-on-One Personal Training assessment or Video Consult to determine your goals and review your strength / weaknesses
  • Access to our scientifically awesome group fitness classes across multiple locations (or smart integration with your existing studios)
  • Personalized workouts tailored toward your athletic goal (whether it's a 5k, adventure race, body shred or a personal goal)
  • Supplement Coaching. Know when and what natural supplements can unlock your Performance and Recovery
  • Access to a Foam Rolling & Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) Workshop
  • Weekly conference calls with Q&A to further your progress
  • Learn about secret "OFF DAY" routines, Micro workouts & Trigger Sessions to maximize your time & results
  • Individualized, daily support from your coach

30 Day Body Blueprint ($499—with nutrition)

  • You receive ALL of the above listed items PLUS

  • Muscle Quality or Fat Mass Body Scan (medical grade 99% accurate)
  • Meal Targets for Macro-Nutrients (how much protein, fat, carbs, etc per meal)
  • "Understanding Your Metabolism Basics" Seminar
  •  Grocery Store(or Amazon) Field trip
  • "Eat This not That" Food Journal Review, with suggestions & recipes.
  • Weekly Conference Calls answering your questions & discussing practical strategies for real life 

Personal Training Pack (Add-on)

  • Take your exercises, technique, and body to the next level
  • Get unparalleled Motivation & Guidance, 
  • Perfect your technique and become the strongest version of yourself
  • Gain the knowledge required taking you beyond 30 days

Exclusive Session Prices with 30-day program:

Individual Personal Training Session Add-on: $79

(4) Session Package Add-on: $276 ($69/per)


Whether you want to look like a titan, compete, shed a few pounds or just move better — this program provides you with a complete 30 day blueprint #NoGuessWork.. Our expertise & guidance + your commitment = guaranteed change. 


$499 (with nutrition coaching)


$399 (without nutrition coaching)